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How to promote my blog effectively

"How to promote my blog effectively", are you asking this question consistently? Are you willing to make tons of money online from blogging?

Keep in mind that traffic is must important for making money from blogging. So, if you don't know how to promote a blog effectively, then you need to learn about it. For your help, here are the best ways to promote a quality blog:
1. Submit your blogs to search engines: - Google, Yahoo, Being and MSN are the top 4 major search engines that are used by more than 95% of all searchers. But if you submit your blog to lots of minor search engines, then it will help you to increase your rank on the top 4 search engines listed above.
So what you need to do?
Go to and submit your blog. This site will submit your blog to 70 major search engines. And it is free for all.
2. Submit your blog to blog directories: - Go to Google and take a search to find a list of blog directories. Thereafter, submit your blog to all those blog directories. It will give you more traffic to your blog. To find blog directories, you just need to type 'blog directories' on Google and take a search. You will get lots of blog directories.
3. Use Article Directories: - Article marketing is the best way to get instant traffic for free. Article marketing also help you to increase your rank on Google. You need to find some keywords related with your niche. After that you need to write article using those keywords. Finally, submit your articles to lots of article directories with the links of your blog.
4. Use Social networking sites: - Lots of successful bloggers are using social networking sites to promote their blogs. To promote your blog with social networking sites you need to create accounts on those sites. Thereafter, you need to join related groups and communities and also participate in their forums and discussions. Make lots of friends, create attractive profile and create a fun page on Facebook. Put the link of your blog on your profile and refer your friends to your blog. Now, you are going to receive lots of free traffic from social networking sites.
So, these are the top methods to promote your blog. But, in order to be a successful blogger who earns tons of money online, you need a good ebook that leads you to success. It is very important to decrease trial-and-error work.
Well, if you are still not able to make money by blogging, then don't forget to grab your FREE Blogging Guide and also join 8 weeks free blogging e-training. Don't waste your money into scam sites.