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Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.1 (3415.520.1247) x86-64 Final

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Outpost Security Suite Pro - is the latest technology for maximum protection for your computer to the Internet. The product includes the following tools to ensure security: Multi firewall to protect your network connections. A single scanner classes "Anti" and "Spyware" to combat all types of malware.

Module "Local security" for the preventive protection against unknown threats, a means of "Web Control" for protection against risky web sites, Anti-Spam to automatically delete spam messages. Easy, fast and highly effective Anti-Malware detects automatically cures and removes malicious software, including viruses, spyware and Trojan software on the hard drives in the mail and on the USB. The technology received numerous awards VB100, Anti-Malware and other testing labs, which is indicative of its high efficiency in countering the current threats. SmartScan technology accelerates the re-examination of dozens of times.
Protection applications. New!
• Protects confidential data stored in various Internet applications such as instant messenger, browsers, electronic payment systems, etc. Thus, the cached program logins / passwords, configuration files, the contents of electronic purses, etc., are now protected from theft and brazen intervention by third-party applications.

Protection system. Improved!
• In the module "Proactive Defense" (formerly "The local security) is added protection of system files and configurations from the changes by malicious code. In addition, the user can manage the list and add to it the necessary records to ensure the safety of the system.
Protect files and folders. New!
• Allows to protect from detection or modified by malicious code or other person files stored on your hard drive. To apply enough in the expanded menu, select Outpost appropriate folder or file and set the password.
Access to files and registry. New!
• Creates a clear picture of current activity files and registry, allowing you to watch for any active process, see the location and time of execution, and track registry changes. Allows you to capture screen recordings for later analysis or, if necessary, to stop the suspicious process right from the process list in the interface of Outpost 7.
Module "Antivirus". Improved!
• Antivirus engine is complemented by new capabilities of detection and treatment: expanded opportunities option "Quarantine" - it is easier to decide what to do with suspicious objects updated kernel heuristic analyzer, which evaluates the behavior of objects in the startup of the system.
Content Filter. New!
• In the module "Web Control" an opportunity to set up a filter loaded pages. It's enough to create a list of "stop"-words that should not appear in the page is loaded, or you can specify the URLs of sites whose access must be blocked. Using this functionality, the user can restrict the undesirable impact of the Internet in their households
Updated Anti-Leak. Improved!
• Extended base methods of protection against the latest zero-day threats and leakage of data, which will resist the sophisticated malware.
The update process. Improved!
• The process of updating databases and kernel module "Anti" has become more efficient, including updates to the antivirus engine is automatically installed with the database of signatures.
Style user interface. Improved!
• Interface redesigned in a modern style of Windows 7, dialog boxes more visible and informative.
Optimized performance and compatibility with new platforms. Improved!
• With the new filtering mechanism and Contents of networking events in Outpost7 improved compatibility and stability on Windows 7, as well as improved relaxed filtering P2P traffic, video and audio streams.