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Use your banned ID to log in to facebook !

H! Everyone , it is a long time I have not posted any tuts. This tut was requested by a australian kid after his fake Email ID was blocked. He had created a fake ID and Now it was blocked , so he asked me for some suggestions. I told him to use the fake ID to log in facebook. Here how you can do it ...

1.Open Account Settings 

Log in to your facebook account and in the top right corner click account > Account settings.

2.Add Your Fake ID to the Third label ie, Email

After moving to there , click change and type your ID in the New contact email box .
(it is important that your ID should be Gmail)

3.Add a Dot in your ID

Now add a dot like this if your id is 
then add it after j or any letter except that it should be between the first letter and @.
4.Click Add New Mail
Now check your mail box and click the confirmation link.