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Rise of Nations: Gold Edition

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Rise of Nations also offers a very different resource gathering model than other real time strategy titles. Instead of simply assigning an arbitrary number of civilians to woodcutting of a forest, a maximum number can be assigned to a resource gathering facility. This makes civilians much more efficient and easier to manage. Secondly, unlike other strategy titles, Rise of Nations makes is easier to predict the income of resources. In other strategy titles, resources simply increase by arbitrary amounts as peasants return resources to the drop off facility. In Rise of Nations, an indicator is given as to how much of a resource is being gathered of a specific resource per one third minute. The game also implements a maximum gathering limit for each resource per one third minute, which can be increased by doing research at the library. This resource gathering limit is designed to help balance the game and avoid wars where resources are not an issue, something that has been needed in this type of game for a long time.

Key Features
Lead one of 24 highly diverse nations: With the Gold Edition, players can lead one of 24 nations ? in the single player campaigns or on a multiplayer battlefield. Each nation has its own distinctive national powers and special units.

Engage in 5 single player campaigns and over 130 scenarios: Non linear, single player campaigns based on historical epochs will keep players busy as they plan their moves on the strategic outer map and play out battles in over 130 scenarios. Campaigns include Alexander the Great, Napoleon, the New World, Cold War and the ultimate challenge: the Entire World.

Command over 240 different units: Players can lead their armies to fight on land, sea or in the air with everything from slingers, musketeers, tanks, massive Persian War elephants, aircraft carriers and nuclear missiles.

In depth game experience: Gamers will be able to create a truly strategic game experience by using national borders, flank attacks, spies and generals. In addition, as a nation advances through the ages, players can decide between six different government types, from socialism to capitalism, despotism to republic, each government type has a different power that allows players to customize their nations and open up new tactics and strategic possibilities. A unique Patriot unit is available with each government type, bringing a variety of powers to the battlefield.

Cross genre gameplay: Combining the speed of real time gaming with the epic scope of turn based strategy games, Rise of Nations: Gold Edition allows players to have a fast and fun experience with the option to complete a game in less than an hour. The games epic scope moves through eight historical epochs, tying together the mysteries of ancient philosophy and the wonders of the world.

Multiple ways to achieve victory: Players succeed through nonmilitary and quasi military strategies including espionage, political maneuvering, technology races and population growth. Players can also choose to win through military action.

Streamlined multiplayer: Challenge up to eight players on the Internet or via local area network, including in game matchmaking.

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 98/Me/XP/2000/Vista/(feel free to test it with win7 and post results )
PC with 500 MHz equivalent or higher processor
128 MB of system RAM
1.6 GB available hard disk space
8x speed or faster CD ROM drive
16 MB video card required
Sound card, speakers or headphones required for audio
Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
56 Kbps modem or LAN for online/multiplayer

2. Run Setup.exe
3. Use the serial from the .txt file
4. Install
5. Enjoy!