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The Sims Medieval (2011/MULTI9)

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The Sims series is returning to the distant past! The Sims Medieval - a new game The Sims with improved graphics, unique features and new game modes, its action is transferred to the Middle Ages. For the first time players can create characters perform feats and even build their own kingdom. They will live a world full of adventures and funny stories, drama and romance - the real world of the Middle Ages!

- A new era of live gaming world of adventure, drama and romance
- Improved graphics, lighting effects and animation and everything on the engine, The Sims
- Create heroes pumped and the abilities and skills and send out in the epic trek
- Mission and tasks are the history of your kingdom - good or evil, cruel or merciful, romantic or violent
Royal ambitions - choose a higher purpose for his kingdom and work hard to achieve it. Will the kingdom to take care of health and welfare of his subjects, whether it will be the most enlightened ... Conqueror or peacemaker? The choice is yours.

Install Notes
1) Unpack and mount the image with Daemon Tools
2) Install the game, using serial generated by keygen (Crack / rld-tsmk.exe)
3) Copy the contents of the folder Crack in a folder with a game (substitute)
4) Play!