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Rhinoceros 5.0 WIP (x86/x64)


Rhino 3D (full name - Rhinoceros) - developed by Robert McNeel & Associates editor of three-dimensional geometry with a very rich functionality and at the same time affordable and easy to use. The package is widely used for problems of industrial design, conceptual design in the automobile and shipbuilding, creating jewelry, rapid prototyping, and others.Major improvements in Rhinoceros 5.0 Work-in-Progress Release:

- Rhinoceros 5.0 is much faster and more stable than Rhinoceros 4.0

- Full support for 32Bit and 64bit platforms running Windows

- Changing the display in real time is much faster than in Rhinoceros 4.0

- Fits with Rhinoceros 4.0, at the same time does not prevent you to go back to an earlier version and continue working in it.

Additional Information:

- To install Rhinoceros 5.0 Work-in-Progress, requires a minimum of Rhinoceros 4.0 SR5

- Work-in-Progress releases may damage your files or hang the computer

System requirements:

* Pentium, Celeron, or higher.

* 200 MB disk.

* 512 MB RAM. 1 GB or more recommended.

* OpenGL videokatra.

* IntelliMouse recommended.

* 3-D digitizer optional.

* 3-D printer optional.

* Compatible with Vista, Windows 7