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SlideIT Keyboard v3.2

SlideIT Keyboard The BEST input method for Android.
Don’t type it, just SlideIT!
SlideIT keyboard full v3.2
A revolutionary way to enter text...

SlideIT keyboard is a revolutionary way to enter text quickly and easily. Instead of entering text by tapping on letters, SlideIT keyboard eases texting by allowing the user to slide a finger along the letters, while the words “magically” appear on the screen.
SlideIT keyboard is an excellent tool for entering text, enabling users to dramatically improve writing speed with a quick learning curve. Writing efficiency is further enhanced with SlideIT keyboard smart predictive texting and disambiguation capabilities.
“…for one-handed text entry, SlideIT Keyboard is the current king of the hill.” - PCWorld, August 2010.
“…Best keyboard around. A must for the Android. It is the best app that I've bought” - SlideIT users.

** A trial version of SlideIT Keyboard is also available on the Android Market - search for 'SlideIT' **

New Features:

* UI experience. You can now use the keyboard in landscape mode either full-screen or regular, as well as set the keyboard height. Right-to-left languages now have better support.
* Better support for tablet devices.
* Even less layout switching. ':' and ';' have been added to the main keyboard layout, requiring less layout switches.

SlideIT keyboard can be configured to load 2 languages simultaneously, and the user can switch between them at
any time.

SlideIT keyboard supports more than 40 languages and layouts:
-Czech - QWERTY
-Czech - QWERTZ
-English - COLEMAK
-English - DVORAK
-English - QWERTY
-Serbian - Cyrillic
-Serbian - Latin